HED Series


HED-10-42-BK_cr_cr Desktop Controller



Premier Hall Effect USB Desktop Controller

The HE1 Series joystick is built into the Hall Effect USB desktop controller. It comes with precision pan/tilt/zoom camera control thanks to its ergonomic design. This is a USB 1.1 HID compliant device with a standard 4 or 10 button housing configurations with up to two additional buttons embedded in the joystick handle. The user can customize each unit to meet the specific needs of their system. The HED Series PTZ controller is an excellent complement to any security system.


HCK Series

HCK Series - Hall Effect Control Knob


Precision Hall Effect Control Knob

The tiny, low-profile Hall Effect Control Knob is positioned on the panel and enables smooth proportional output control. The HCK Series provides precision linear voltage control. It is perfect for applications that need reliable single axis control. It has a spring return to center the rotary package. This controller can function in both indoor and outdoor conditions thanks to the usual IP67 environmental seal. There is no need for above-panel hardware because 28AWG cable and mounting screws are included.


MR Series

 MR Series - Multi Axis Potentiometer Joystick


Fingertip Multi-Axis Potentiometer Joystick

This is a potentiometer-based joystick with two or three axis precise control in a small, low-profile package. For easy integration, this is a low operating force fingertip controller with a range of handle and mounting options. The joystick is ideal for a range of applications including measurement systems, PTZ camera control, conveyor systems, robotic systems, wheelchair control, CCTV, machine control, and locations with high magnetic field strengths. In a small but sturdy size, the MR Series resistive joystick provides outstanding EMI resistance.


MH Series


 MH Series Multi Axis Hall Effect Joystick


Fingertip Multi-Axis Hall Effect Joystick

This is a contactless Hall Effect Joystick with each axis having its own Hall Effect sensor. Low profile and slim Z (twist) axis handle alternatives are available in two or three axis configurations. This controller stands out from the crowd thanks to its consistent precision and superior return to center voltages. Pre-programmed analog output with a voltage range set by the user. The joystick comes with pigtail 28AWG wires which are stripped and tinned for easy integration into any system. The MH Series Hall Effect Joystick offers reliable and multi-axis proportional fingertip control.


HE1 Series


 HE1 Series Precision Multi Axis Hall Effect Joystick


Fingertip Precision Multi-Axis Hall Effect Joystick

Contactless Hall Effect joystick with a variety of mounting options and ergonomic handles that are sealed up to IP67 above the panel. This is a low-voltage controller with high return to center accuracy and a variety of electrical output options, including analog, USB, and cursor control. Without any additional software, the USB joystick can be used as a conventional USB 1.1 HID compliant device. The HE1 Series offers shallow, below-panel mounting and an optional metal enclosure option that doesn’t require above-panel hardware. All essential mounting hardware and electrical cables are included.


TS1 Series


 TS1 Series 2 Axis Hall Effect Joystick


Miniature 2 Axis Hall Effect Joystick

Miniature two-axis Hall Effect joystick with integrated elastomer actuator and threaded body mount, controlled by the thumb. This controller is perfect for remote control applications in tight spaces with demanding requirements due to its standard IP67 above panel seal, remarkable return to center values, and precision proportional output. Optional Analog, USB, or Cursor Control programming is included. The USB 1.1 HID “gaming controller” option can be fully customized and does not require any additional software. No additional hardware is required above the pane. 28AWG cable and a mounting nut are included.


TS2 Series


Micro 2 Axis Hall Effect Joystick


Micro 2 Axis Hall Effect Joystick

With an IP67 above panel seal and a 1/2″- 20 threaded body mount, this is the world’s smallest industrial 2 axis Hall Effect Joystick. When space is at a premium, tiny remote controls or large hand grip joystick face plates are ideal. Ruffy Controls has developed the TS2 Series, which is based on prior thumb controllers but comes in a much smaller package.


SS1 Series


ss1 series Minature Hall Effect Switch Stick


Miniature Hall Effect Switch Stick

Miniature low-voltage 4-way Hall Effect Switch with thumb control. Precision control and extended life operation are provided by contactless, bounce-free Hall Effect technology. There are no mechanical switch components to worry about degrading over time with this self-centering gadget. With the same elastomer actuators and threaded body mount as our TS1 Series joystick, almost unlimited 4-way switch cycles are available. All four actuator options come with an IP67 above panel seal, including “Option 3,” which has an integrated top mechanical pushbutton rated for at least 300k cycles.


SAT Series


SAT-1-x-BK_cr Single Axis Hall Effect Thumb Controller


Miniature Single Axis Hall Effect Thumb Controller

This is a single axis miniature proportional thumb controller. Ergonomic feel and IP67 above-panel seal are provided by an integrated elastomer actuator. Precision control and long-term operation are provided using contactless Hall Effect technology. It is a self-centering, low-voltage gadget with pre-programmed analog output. Below panel mounting hardware as well as 28AWG cable are included.


SS2 Series


switch-stick-2 Fingertip Limit Switch Joystick


Fingertip Limit Switch Joystick

Joystick based on a single pole limit switch for light to medium duty applications. No above-panel hardware offers a clean appearance. You also get an IP67 rating. Two, four, or eight-way operation with a high life cycle rating are among the limiting alternatives. The SS2 Series switch joystick is an excellent solution for limit switching applications that require a tiny but durable design.


HS1 Series


HS1 Miniature Hat Switch


Miniature Hat Switch

Miniature four-, five-, eight-, or nine-way hat switch. The HS1 Series is an IP67 above-panel sealed switch that may be used in a variety of harsh environments, both indoors and outdoors. It includes a typical elastomer actuator for better user comfort. In a 5- or 9-way layout, an integrated top-mounted switch is offered as an option. The unit comes with a 28AWG cable and a below-panel mounting nut. This allows for easy connection through the bottom of the switch body.


FNR Series


FNR-1-x-P-x-BK-home Miniature Single Axis 3-Position Hall Effect Switch


Miniature Single Axis 3-Position Hall Effect Switch

This is a single axis miniature three-position thumb controller. It is excellent for Forward/Neutral/Reverse operation or industrial applications that require a reliable three-position switch. The contactless Hall Effect technology and rugged mechanical construction offers a 3 million minimum life cycle. You also get an IP67 above panel seal. The joystick is supplied with a 28AWG cable as well as a nut to secure below the panel.


HE2 Series


HE2-Series Ruggedized, Fully Sealed Multi-Axis Hall Effect Joystick


Ruggedized, Fully Sealed Multi-Axis Hall Effect Joystick

Rugged, fingertip-controlled Hall Effect joystick with 2 or 3 axes. All variants are IP67 sealed and designed for severe environments (minimum). The HE2 Series mechanism is built with a sturdy stainless steel shaft and brass gimbal that can withstand very high input forces. It is based on the HE1 Series form factor and mounting choices. These joysticks are suitable for maritime, belly box, or other industrial applications that demand a rugged precision controller. Factory-programmed Analog, USB HID 1.1, and Cursor Control are among the electrical output possibilities. Mounting hardware and power cable are included with each unit.


HE3 Series


Redundant Sensor, Fully Sealed Multi-Axis Hall Effect Joystick

Redundant Sensor, Fully Sealed Multi-Axis Hall Effect Joystick

2 or 3 Axis Hall Effect Fingertip Controlled Joystick with Redundant Sensor. Independent dual sensors are put into each axis for systems that require an extra level of safety, and all versions are IP67 sealed (minimum). In safety-critical scenarios, these joysticks were developed to provide the end user and system architect with the peace of mind they needed to get the job done. The appropriate mounting hardware and electrical cord are included with each device.


MFD Series


MFD Series - Multi-Function USB Desktop Controller

Multi-Function USB Desktop Controller

USB desktop controller with 2 or 3 axis Hall Effect joystick, 2 or 3 axis potentiometer joystick, or single axis Hall Effect control knob constructed to user specifications. These workstations have a soft silicone wrist cushion for additional comfort and ambidextrous use. With the use of long-life Cherry MX switches and a USB 1.1 HID compliant device, all functions can be user assigned. The MFD Series was created for machine control, professional surveillance, and any other application requiring precise fingertip control.


MSA Series


Micro Single Axis Hall Effect Thumb Controller

Micro Single Axis Hall Effect Thumb Controller

Thumb controller with a single axis and a “micro” Hall Effect. The tiny size allows numerous units to fit side by side in hand grip joysticks, making it ideal for both control grip and panel mounting applications. When compared to similar sized rival devices on the market, the one-piece elastomer actuator provides a pleasant user experience as well as the best panel sealing solution. Above the panel, all devices are sealed against dust and water to IP67 requirements. The device is supplied with a below-panel mounting clip and snap-in electrical cord.


SG Series


2 Axis, Redundant Sensor Hall Effect Hand Grip Joystick

2 Axis, Redundant Sensor Hall Effect Hand Grip Joystick

This is a 2 Axis hall effect analog hand grip joystick. It is built with a redundant sensor which makes it ideal for systems that require a higher level of safety. All versions are sealed to IP67 standards (minimum). The devices come with multiple handle front options which includes an operator presence switch. There are also handle top configurations available for these joysticks. The units come with appropriate mounting hardware and electrical cable.